Overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery

Substance Use Disorder Counseling is a form of therapy that focuses on helping individuals overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol. This type of counseling is based on the understanding that addiction is a complex disease that affects both the mind and body. Substance Use Disorder Counseling is designed to help individuals understand the root causes of their addiction and develop the skills and strategies needed to overcome it.

At Forthcare Psychiatry & Medical Services, we offer Substance Use Disorder Counseling as part of our comprehensive mental health services. Our experienced professionals use a variety of treatment methods, including individual and group therapy, to help individuals develop coping skills, identify triggers and relapse warning signs, and manage stress and cravings.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, Substance Use Disorder Counseling can be a life-changing step on the road to recovery. At Forthcare Psychiatry & Medical Services, we provide compassionate, effective care that meets each individual’s unique needs.

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