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Services Made With You in Mind

We have prepared different compassionate and reliable services to cater to the different needs of every client that we assist.

troubled woman having an assesment

Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessments

For diagnosis and personalized treatment plans.

depressed woman


Affecting a person's perception of reality.

woman having anxiety attack


Characterized by excessive worry and fear.

depressed man


Impacts mood, behavior, and physical health.

woman having bipolar disorder


Intense mood swings of different episodes.

woman obsessed in washing hands

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Intrusive and repetitive thoughts and behaviors.

woman having panic attack

Panic Disorder

Causes unexpected and recurrent panic attacks.

man scratching head


Difficulties in attention and hyperactivity.

woman having personality disorder

Personality Disorder

Affects thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

depressed soldier


Disorder triggered by a traumatic event.

man talking female therapist

ADHD Testing

Identify symptoms and develop a treatment.

drunk man

Substance Use Disorder Counseling

Provides guidance for addiction recovery.

medical record with patient data and health care information in tablet.

Bariatric Pre-op Surgery Evaluation

Determine if weight loss surgery is the best for you.

DNA test

Pharmacogenetic Testing

Helps determine the most effective medication for you.

Woman Sitting Near Psychologist

Psychometric Testing

Provides insight into your personality, cognitive abilities, and mental health.